1 March 2019 – Infinite Technologies, Inc. Radomes and Composite Structures Group – Introduces Metal Space Frame Radomes

Infinite Technologies, Inc. (ITI) Radome and Composite Structures Group are pleased to announce the development of a Metal Space Frame Radome product line.  Our goal was to deliver a broadband radome solution to our customers and to increase competition in a nearly monopolized market segment.  Infinite Technologies, Inc. will showcase its line of radomes at various trade shows this year.

ITI-RCS conducts business globally with an emphasis on the design and development of radome products. We provide innovative durable structures with a focus on quality, cost-effective radomes for terrestrial and maritime applications.

ITI-RCS employs a talented staff experienced in all aspects of radome design including Ph.D. consultants in electromagnetics, M.S. Mechanical Engineers, project managers, and experienced personnel with an extensive history in understanding what it takes to manufacture quality radome products. We know radomes, and our radome-specific talent ensures ITI-RCS will provide high-quality solutions to meet the demanding requirements of the systems they protect. We look forward to discussing your project and providing expertise and services that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

26 Jan 2018 – Air Force SBIR/STTR Program – Featured Success Story and Certificate of Recognition

Infinite Technologies, Inc., working through the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Programs, developed rapid assembly and other fastening systems. The system capability was demonstrated on Air Force radomes, an environmental cover for a radar system or communication system to protect it from the environment while allowing the system to maintain transmissions through the structure. This system was initially tested in the harsh coastal, cold climate near the north pole region and has now been placed throughout the world. The Air Force SBIR/STTR office recognized the success of this effort and has created the following video, with intended audiences of congress and the pentagon, to highlight the successful technologies developed and achievements made in domestic and international commercialization.

22 May 2013 – U.S. Department of Commerce – Export Achievement Award

Infinite Technologies, Inc. (ITI) Radome and Composite Structures Group (RCS) is pleased to announce their receipt of the Export Achievement Award presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce at the 16th Annual Consular Corps Luncheon in Sacramento, CA on May 22, 2013. The honor was extended in recognition of ITI’s successful exportation of goods and services to numerous foreign markets.

“Infinite Technologies Inc. is a dynamic technology company headquartered in Folsom, California with 56 employees. Infinite Technologies, Inc. produces advanced software packages used for business workflow management. ITI-RCS produces radomes and other composite structures and provides engineering services to commercial and Government clientele. Radomes are dome structures that cover and protect radar equipment from weather and other deleterious threats. In addition, ITI-RCS has recently opened a new advanced research and development facility for cost-effective custom prototyping of products.

“The Sacramento US Export Assistance Center has worked with Infinite Technologies for the past two years providing market research reports and counseling on a number of export transactions. With this aide ITI-RCS has increased export sales by 50 percent and entered into more than ten new international markets.”

The award was presented by a member of President Obama’s administration staff, Michael Masserman-Executive Director for Export Policy, Promotion, and Strategy, who was sent to recognize Infinite Technologies, Inc. for outstanding achievement in exports.

ITI-RCS has built a sound reputation with a competent, complete spectrum team of engineers, analysts, manufacturing partners, and quality and test personnel averaging 20 years of professional industry expertise.

ITI-RCS is expanding its business globally with an emphasis on engineering and analysis services. They provide innovative composite structures with a focus on cost-effective quality radomes for terrestrial and maritime applications. Radome models are available in sizes from 1,4m – 25m, operating frequencies from VHF – Ka, with a wide variety of configurations, and a number of accessories allowing ITI-RCS to adapt to your specific application. ITI-RCS has innovative, talented engineering professionals and a variety of services, prototypes and production capabilities that will meet your individual design, analysis, and composite structure needs.

May 2011 Ogden Air Logistics Center – Champion of Small Business Award

In 2011 Infinite Technologies, Inc. was awarded the Ogden Air Logistics Center Overall Outstanding Small Business Award. The award was presented in recognition of their demonstrated and comprehensive knowledge of shelters, Radomes, and Tower Programs. ITI developed and implemented multiple innovative and useful process improvements resulting in cost savings, reduced mission impacts, and a lower-cost-of-ownership for Air Force weapon systems. ITI continued to illustrate superior customer focus, sustainment, and useability of the systems in the field, while continuing to provide solutions to maintenance issues that reduced funding requirements.