We offer A and C-Sandwich composite radomes suited for land and shipboard fixed-site or tactical SATCOM applications.   We offer various sizes and laminate designs to ensure the best performance of your antenna system is realized.  Designs are analysed using house software developed and optimized by our engineers and expert RF consultants.  Samples are often tested to ensure our radomes will perform as predicted.

We offer radome solutions capable of operating in a number of SATCOM bands.  This RF plot is a sample of one solution developed for a specific SATCOM sytem.

Frequency of Operation – RF Plot

Fixed Site Typical Sizes

Typical sizes range from 7.2ft (2.2m) to 62ft (18.9m) and are most often segmented units.

Tactical SATCOM Radomes

Our durable composite radome solutions are an excellent choice to ensure your antenna system is protected and operating effectively in harsh environments.   We work closely with the end user and develop our radomes with our customer’s requirements in mind. When designing a tactical radome it has to be robust and easy to erect in extremely demanding environments especially if located in a war zone. Our mobile designs require minimal effort to relocate and ensure the user has reliable satellite communications in every environment. Our customers are always looking for the tactical edge, we aim to help gain that advantage.

Tactical Typical Sizes

7.2ft (2.2m) to 14ft (4.3m) segmented and single piece units.